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Completely Close

Offer privacy and personal space

Floor Mat

Base attched to the teepee

Interior Pockets

Pockets inside the tent could hold a lot of small toys

Little Window

The little window is perfect for peekaboo

about 3

In 1970 Gill Rogers started farming the land of his grandfather, R. P. Gillespie, a man respected and admired by his peers for his innovation in agriculture.

After over forty years of determination diligence, and hard work, Gill, and his two sons now operate one of the largest modern row crop farms in South Carolina “Rogers Brothers Farm”.

Always mindful of the environment, Rogers Brothers Farm has grown by taking advantage of an opportunity, recognizing and utilizing available resources, and embracing new technology.

After a decade of experience in the peanut industry, we recognize that the climate and soil of South Carolina is ideal for growing the highest quality and best-tasting peanuts that can be found. In honor of our ancestors, we offer our roasted peanuts in the name of Gillespie’s Peanuts.

Our experience has given us the insight to select peanut varieties for superior flavor and quality. The greatest care is taken in choosing varieties, processing, cooking, packaging, and handling to ensure that our customers will have the opportunity to enjoy fresh tasting peanuts.